Equestrian Apparel: Top 5 Items to Put on Your Holiday Wish List

When it comes to equestrian apparel, both quality and style are important. Horse riding experts will tell you not to skimp on either just to save a few dollars. Simply put, how you look influences how you carry yourself, and how you carry yourself ultimately affects how well you ride. When what you wear fits well and looks good, you’ll notice a difference in both your posture and how you perform.

With the holidays just around the corner, it may be time to invest in some new riding apparel. (Or ask Santa and his elves to make it for you!) Here are the top 5 must-haves to include on your holiday wish list.

Rider’s Helmet

If there is any piece of horse riding gear where quality matters most, this is probably it. Horse shows require that riders wear an ASTM-approved helmet. ASTM stands for “American Society for Testing and Materials,” which is an organization of skilled volunteers like doctors, engineers and physicists who set the standards for many different types of safety equipment. If you’re not sure whether helmet is ASTM-approved, look for the ASTM seal on the inside. Approved helmets will also have a thicker shell than non-approved helmets. You can also look at the strap and the harness. Approved helmets will rely on more than just a single snap to close, since snaps are prone to opening easily upon impact. There is also no such thing as an ASTM-approved helmet with a clear harness.

Make sure there is enough padding and a chin strap on your helmet that you can secure to a snug fit. A clean, well-brushed exterior in black or charcoal is bound to make the best impression. Some western-style riders opt for cowboy hats instead. Luckily, manufacturers do make helmets that are shaped like cowboy hats, so you can still get the best of both worlds.

Breeches, Jodhpurs and Jeans

Western-style riders generally prefer jeans; but for horse riding, you cannot wear your everyday pair of jeans. You will want to opt for jeans that are uniquely made for the sport. Equestrian jeans lack inseams to prevent the material from rubbing against the leg. Often, you will see leather or fabric patches on the inner thigh, for added comfort. English-style riders wear breeches or jodhpurs, which are tight fitting and lack an inseam as well. Take your pick – just make sure at least one pair of horseback-friendly pants is on your Christmas list this year!


Gloves are more of a fashion statement than a riding necessity, but it is getting colder outside, so you may want to have a pair on hand just in case. Also, many riders wear them to protect their hands from burns. Get better friction with gloves that have gripping material on the palm.

Paddock Boots or Field Boots

Field boots are usually black or brown and come with or without laces. They fit right up to knee height, which is suitable for taller riders. Also called jodhpur boots, paddock boots are shorter, usually come with laces, and fit right over your jodhpurs or breeches offering strong ankle support. If you are more of a western-style rider, you may opt for cowboy boots instead. Whatever you prefer, make sure your boots fit well. Try on a pair before the holiday hits, and don’t forget to note your size on your wish list.

Riding Shirts and Jackets

Riding shirts usually come in solid colors. A shirt should fit snugly and is typically worn tucked in. If un-tucked, it should not be too long in back, so as to prevent it from catching on the saddle when riding. Baggy clothing not only prevents you from looking sleek while you ride; it can also jeopardize your safety by causing a fall. You may wa

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Make Your Horseback driving secure With high-quality Equestrian apparel

in case you are going for a horseback experience, make certain you pick the correct apparel that provides you adequate help and most consolation. whether or not it is a informal driving, dressage or a display, the garb should be manufactured from top great cloth.Equestrian apparel is thought for its classic fashion and awesome layout. it’s far selected otherwise for different events like occasion, hunting, dressage or simply the informal driving. For dressage and events, fine-made apparel is desirable nicely as it gives the rider a elegant look. For informal using, you may put on casual shirts for riding but make certain you wear vivid hues that permit visibility at the trail. If the climate is barely chilled, you may select to put on a vest that does not restriction the movement of your fingers. Layering with a wool or fleece shirt and a jacket are ought to while the weather is cold. pick a jacket which presents you extraordinary comfort and safety from the chilling wind. For greater layering you can wear a winter riding coat. these are designed to present you most warm temperature inside the frigid temperatures. Gussets of those coats unfold over the saddle and offer you consolation and protection. you can additionally add winter using gloves that make your horseback driving at some point of winters extra at ease. You have to have a coat with you that is water proof to keep you dry if it rains.whilst looking for equestrian apparel, choose your using breeches cautiously. Breeches are labeled in patterns: full seat breeches and knee patch breeches. Knee patch breeches incorporate leather-based patches masking the internal lower leg and knee which presents them extra grip and safety while using. full seat breeches offer the rider with greater touch whilst riding in the saddle. it’s miles appropriate to put on breeches with paddock boots and half of chaps or they may be worn with tall boots. wintry weather breeches may be made from special fabric that has a fleece lining to preserve you more warm in the cold climate.To keep away from getting blisters to your fingers from constantly preserving the bridle, you could put on a pair of riding gloves. pick out nicely fitted gloves that are manufactured from durable substances and permit clean movement. Gloves are brilliant for protecting your hands and absorbing moisture. make certain that the helmet that you pick has been built particularly for horseback using. Helmets synthetic for other sports activities do now not provide required protection of the top in case of a fall from a horse. The harness of the helmet need to be adjusted effortlessly according to the size. a great air go with the flow is needed to wick away sweat even as driving, so you ought to purchase helmets which have mesh blanketed vents. Helmets should be mild in weight and made from effect resistant substances.You must wear horseback using boots due to the fact the only of those boots is designed for this specific cause. Horse using boots are to be had in lots of styles, so pick out the only this is comfortable, light in weight and appropriate for using. when buying boots, ensure they match correctly inside the stirrups with a little room on both facet to prevent getting your foot stuck. test whether or not the heels of the boots are low as high heels can also tangle inside the stirrup. throughout winters, keep your ft warm by means of sporting boots that comprise heat insulating thermal insoles.if you need to buy horseback using garb, you can search the net and locate statistics about various varieties of apparels and organizations providing them. pick true best equestrian driving garb to make your using secure and relaxed.

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